Farmers Jane Wine Company is about achieving balance ~ and in turn providing balance and a sense of calm in this incredibly busy world…a step back to the basics, to the simple joy in comfort, and the delight in good friends and family.

Should you have any questions about our wines, winemaking, or company, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly at

As with any new business, we are incredibly grateful to all those who have helped us on this amazing journey. We would like to pay a special tribute to Temra Costa, whose incredible book Farmer Jane inspired the name for our project.

Whilst our names are not Jane, we truly believe in the power of conscious farming and conscious winemaking, and one day we hope to have our own farm(s) to produce our wine from. Until then, we are delighted to work with the vineyard partners that share our ethos.

And we do hope you enjoy our wine!

xx Angela and Faith

Farmers Jane